Our Programme is...


Run by Chartered Physiotherapists - we screen all participants and monitor them throughout each class.


We guide each participant through the programme. As participants gain experience, they guide one-another.


We adapt the exercises to suit every individual - appropriate to their fitness level and health status.


We utilise motivational science in many forms and apply this at many levels - keeping participants on track.


We continuously educate participants on keeping on top of their health and physical ailments.


We keep everything lighthearted and accessible and facilitate a fun and social environment.

Complete our simple referral form – we take care of the rest


About Us

We are two chartered physiotherapists – Michael Bowler and Paul Bolger. We are passionate about improving the health of the community in which we live.

With years of experience – ranging from working in nursing homes and hospitals to workplaces and elite athletes – we have developed a wide range of skills and expertise.

We believe in the power of movement, education and community.

Paul Bolger - Physiotherapist & Co-Founder

BSc Physiotherapy (hons); Certificate of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (COMT)

Paul qualified in one of Ireland’s leading Physiotherapy courses at the University of Limerick in 2014. Having initially worked with several sports teams in Ireland, Paul then spent the next 7 years of his life living, working and learning in New Zealand and Australia.

While plying his trade in private practice physiotherapy (treating acute and chronic issues; anything from back pain, post-operative knees, hips and shoulders to athletic and workplace injuries), Paul took the opportunity to learn from some of the top manual therapists in New Zealand, earning a Certificate of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (COMT) at Auckland University of Technology in 2016/17.

In Australia, Paul widened his experience in the fields of Occupational/ Workplace Health (preventing and rehabilitating workplace injuries) and Aged Care/ Nursing Homes (providing rehabilitation for the elderly – improving mobility, preventing falls and managing chronic pain). He was trusted with the responsibility of managing a team of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists in Nursing Homes all across Melbourne.

Paul has thousands of hours of personal strength and conditioning experience – training under a former Munster Rugby S&C Coach while playing senior AIL rugby. He is also an avid runner – running marathons and half marathons on the road and in the mountains.

While Paul’s true passion lies in improving the health and ability of those in his community – he remains interested in sports performance and high-level rehabilitation (which he believes really compliments his whole practice, even with those who gave up sport a long time ago).

Michael Headshot1
Michael Bowler - Physiotherapist & Co-Founder

MSc Physiotherapy; MSc Sports Science & Health; BSc Athletic Therapy & Training; 

Michael initially studied Athletic Therapy and Training in DCU. He completed a 6 month internship at the prestigious Stanford University Sports Medicine department in California in 2014, where he worked with Olympic gymnasts, volleyball and water polo players.

He was offered a sports scholarship to Loughborough University, the leading ‘sports science’ university in the world and the centre for British athletics where he studied a masters in “Musculoskeletal Sports Science and Health” studying ‘Biomechanics’, ‘Regenerative Therapy’ and ‘Exercise Physiology’.

Michael’s athletics career allowed him to continue training at Loughborough while completing a Physiotherapy masters at University of Birmingham – the leading university for Physiotherapy in the UK.

Having been completely immersed in athletics, while studying theory in parallel, Michael has a massive passion for educating young athletes with lessons learned over thousands of hours of practice and study.

Most recently, Michael worked for 4 years as a Senior Physiotherapist on medical and orthopaedics wards at Whitfield hospital and later in the HSE at Kilcreene Orthopaedics Hospital. Here he saw hundreds of joint replacements (shoulder, Knee, hip) and sports injuries such as ACL reconstructions, Achilles repairs, rotator cuff repairs , shoulder stabilisations, hamstring repairs and Hip arthroscopies.